“Promoting the use of art and creativity to facilitate personal well-being.”

NIGAT is its members

We are committed to working as a team, using the skills and commitment of the members.

NIGAT offers:


3 Day Meetings a year
Annual Summer School
Regular Newsletter for Members


NIGAT, formed in 1976 became a Registered Charity (for tax purposes) in 1989 (XR36993). It is a membership organisation which is administered by a Voluntary Committee, elected annually at the AGM from within the membership group. Office bearers are elected from within the Committee Group. Due to it’s voluntary nature NIGAT has no staff or office, but can be contacted by visiting our contact link.

Aims & Objectives

In 2011 NIGAT Committee and Members engaged in a process developing a Strategic Plan. Through this process we came up with a number of priorities and identified our long-term aims. We then developed an operational plan to help us focus on these aims. The strategic plan can be read here.

History of NIGAT

The first NIGAT publications ‘Review of Art Therapy’, Part 1,1976, Part 2, 1977 and Part 3 1978, were the obvious starting point to research the Group’s 36 year history. In Part 2 was an article, ‘Beginnings’, by Rita Simon referring to three art therapy pioneers of 1942 in England (Adrian Hill, artist; Irene Champernowne, analyst; and herself). NIGAT has shown itself to have the same admirable vision, energy and commitment, progressing from 1976 for another 36 years.

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