NIGAT Summer School Reflections

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Jayne McConkey attended the 22nd NIGAT Summer School in Corrymela and writes a reflection on the weekend.

S School 3

We have gathered together under a full moon, and blue skies heavy laden with thunder and sodden clouds, slashes of rainbow, broken cloud beams and sunsets.


We have gathered to the sound of waves washing treasures ashore, songs soaked in firelight and conversation weaving connections through meals that nourish more than the body.


We have gathered bringing with us our stories and histories, our spaces and resources, bearing witness to our collective primal creating, we seek allies to help us inhabit well.


We have gathered the threads, adorning transformative ritual and bundling messages of individual hope, protesting restricted movements, we weave and dance together.


We have gathered trusting the laughter and tears to take us somewhere, exploring access points to bridging engagement with ourselves and others, moving beyond solitary. 

S School 2

We have gathered within unseen borders, face to face we hear the ripples of our interdependence meet the shores of our own fears, tears and joys.


We have gathered in greatness, stealing wisdom where we touch it, sending our stories into the world, alive to be heard as they will, hearing as we will and opening our hearts to moments of transformation.


We have gathered to walk, stretch, breathe and sing, to sculpt, print, ink, paint and play, to weave, stitch, build, explore and be.


We now leave with bundles of moments, captured on the canvas of our own collective creating, threads marking stories to nourish a new day, connecting us to the clay beneath and within us, alive to renewed possibilities of full life and the hopes of creative encounter. 

S School 4