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Earlier this year NIGAT members had the unique opportunity to join in a workshop with the ‘Peace Paper Workshop’.

The Peace Paper Project works to empower healing arts communities by introducing collaborative art processes that foster positive forward thinking, enhanced communication and peaceful reconciliation.

Through hand papermaking, writing, book and printmaking activities, they work to transform significant articles of clothing into works of art that broadcast personal stories, mutual understanding and healing.


NIGAT members were given the opportunity to bring something(s) that they wanted to transform into paper.  Utilizing an age old technique of making paper by hand (from old garments/ cloth), participants used both traditional and contemporary applications of the paper arts. 

Clare Boyd, Art Therapist and member of NIGAT attended the event and commented on her experience.

“I was really interested in the process of paper making and this workshop was amazing in allowing me to do this from the beginning to the end,” said Clare.

“I cut up my materials to transform and then watched them going through the pulping machine.  Then this matter went into the basins of water and we used the square sive like template that we dunked into the water and watched the fibres form a page.

We then were able to pick from a selection of thought provoking stencils that we were able to use dye spray with and create images on our pages.  I was really moved by the process and mesmerised by the finished works,” she added.

The Peace Paper Project believe that once the paper is made, it becomes the foundation for expressive content in the form of hand drawn images, texts photographs/prints as a means of telling individual stories.

NIGAT would like to thank Drew Matott and Margaret Mahon for sharing their time and skill with those who attended the workshop.  For more information on their work visit